Friday, December 13, 2013

The baby turns 2

I still call McKinley the baby. Even though she just turned 2, I think I'll always call her the baby. It breaks my heart that my last baby is already so old. She's a handful and seriously the most curious kid I've ever seen! She keeps me on my toes for sure .. ALL.DAY.LONG.
We celebrated her birthday in Idaho over Thanksgiving. Which means, she got pumpkin pie instead of cake. I made sure to load it up with tons of whip cream, she was pretty excited.
She had her 2 year check up and is doing great. She has come a very long way since last year. This time last year she was having all sorts of test done to see why she wasn't gaining weight. Now, that doesn't seem to be a problem. McKinley is a feisty girl, daddy's girl and one heck of a cute girl. We love her and are glad we have a little one to keep us entertained.
Happy Birthday sweet baby.
My flash is broken, don't mind the blurry picture.
Thanks to my family that made her day special. And to her cute grandparents for her birthday cards!

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