Friday, December 13, 2013

Jazzy Pants

Reagan had her jazz recital and did so GREAT! I'm one proud mom.
Let me tell a quick story about Reagan's jazz experience.
She did ballet last year and had the best teacher. She had class right after morning Kindergarten, and that made for one tired girl but she still loved that class, her classmates and her teacher. She had a really great experience. This year, we decided to put her in jazz. The class time worked better for our schedule and it was something new to try .. to make sure she was taking the right class for her. Reagan is a spunky girl and I thought Jazz would be fun. She agreed that it would be fun to mix it up!
Switching classes has been really hard for Reagan. Her new teacher is a lot younger and more strict then her ballet teacher. By strict, I mean she's a yeller. The class isn't a "pre" class, like ballet. This is Jazz 1. It's a harder class, and more is expected of her. Her ballet teacher said she was good enough to go to Jazz 2, but I decided to stick with Jazz 1. Good decision.
She would cry and cry every week on the way to Jazz. She would tell me how hard it was and she missed ballet and "it's not your life!" It was hard to watch her struggle. Every single person I talked to about it told me to switch her back to ballet. I wouldn't budge. I kept reminding my sweet Reagan that SHE CAN DO HARD THINGS! I knew she would excel if she would have a good attitude. Once she knew I wasn't going to let her quit, she started working harder. She started enjoying the class. She started to excel. She knew every single step at her recital and performed like a pro. From the pictures, you would never know that this was quite the obstacle for her to overcome. To say the least, I'm one proud mom. Reagan is my sensitive girl, and I'm so proud that she was able to work through this. It might sound like it isn't a big deal, but to Reagan (and to me) it was huge.
I love miss jazzy pants!

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Ashley said...

Look at that pose...she is adorable!